Christie Centre Inc is an NDIS registered disability provider offering individual, group and employment support for individuals with a disability through various services, based on individual interests and needs with transition pathways for life long personal development within the Loddon Mallee region (centrally located in Mildura).

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Establishing individual needs and choices to enhance quality of life

Recognising transition pathways

Focusing on new experiences

Developing independence

Enhancing citizenship within the community

Enabling skill development

Enhancing employment options

Expanding social enterprises

Support Provision and Planning

We provide a range of support provision options along with independent Support Coordination to ensure goals of individuals are met. Team members are encouraged to develop programs with participants to best meet their wants and needs.

  • Enhanced living and 1:1 support
  • Out and about community engagement
  • Library skills
  • Travel & money Skills
  • Volunteer work (e.g. Meals on Wheels, Aged Care visits,
    Australian Inland Botanic Gardens etc.)
  • Living local (Physical Health, Social & Emotional Wellbeing,
    Indoor/Outdoor Activities)
  • Sensory therapy
  • Creative & performing arts
  • Transition to work
  • Positive behaviour support

Your Rights Our Responsibility

Temporary Transformation Payment (TTP)

The Christie Centre charges the TTP rate as set out in the NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits. NDIS support categories where this payment is charged  includes daily personal activities, high intensity daily personal activities, group and centre-based activities, participation in community, social and civic activities.



We provide a range of support provisions committed to offering a variety of learning and development opportunities to participants so they are work ready for potential supported employment.

It is our vision to create an environment for success and to support participation and skill building for everyone with an emphasis on pathways to employment, based on the goals of individuals.

  • Certificate 1 Transition Education course
  • Initial Adult Literacy and Numeracy course
  • Transition to Work course
    • 13 week essential work skills program
    • Workplace expectations
    • Work trial opportunities

Social Enterprises and Supported Employment

We have a number of Social Enterprises offering a diverse range of opportunities to team members and participants.

  • AroundAgain Shop and Sales Yard – items for reuse and repurpose
  • AroundAgain Document Destruction – secure paper shredding
  • Mildura Chocolate Company – production of gourmet chocolates
  • GrowAbility Nursery – propagation and sales of plants
  • ArtRageUs – mosaic and art sales

Microbusinesses include, though not limited to:

Time Savers through Pathways, where we can fulfil contracted work opportunities
e.g. contracted gardening, showbag filling, envelope stuffing/labelling

Our Social Enterprises offers supported work environments for individuals with a disability to develop and apply industry-ready skills across a number of areas.

We have a team of skilled support workers to guide individuals in their employment pathways.

Social Enterprises

The Christie Centre has current certification in:


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