Creating professional pathways for artists of all abilities

ArtRageUs is an emerging Social Enterprise that offers Christie Centre participants an opportunity to express themselves through visual arts and earn an income from their creative pursuits.

Original Art Sales

High quality original pieces of art created by local artists. Our dynamic collection offers a range of sizes, designs, colour, genre and mediums. Available framed and unframed. Payment goes directly to the artist with a 30% commission reinvested into ArtRageUs for support and material costs.

Mosaic creations

We have a dedicated team of artists who specialise in producing mosaic artworks. Shop our range of pre-made decorative tiles at GrowAbility Nursery or place a custom order to meet your specific design needs. Our portfolio includes business logos and signage through to unique house numbers and feature tiles/pavers. Artists are paid for their contribution to the product.

Greeting Cards

Share your message while supporting our mission and promoting the work of our local artists.

Artwork design purchase and hire

Many of our brilliant artwork designs can be purchased for reproduction. We welcome companies considering a unique visual identity to connect with us.

If you have a new product, packaging or an upcoming event in need of visual originality contact us to discuss further and to obtain a copy of our Contract of Sale.